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baby tortoise care
we offer an extensive list of tortoise care sheets! Whether you are looking to learn about proper tortoise diet, habitat, substrate, humidity, or even breeding, we’ve got it all. Head on over to our tortoise care guide section and learn about the new species of tortoise you want to own! From adult tortoise care to baby tortoise care sheets, Abovereptiles covers nearly every popular species of pet tortoise for sale.

baby tortoise
Sure, it’s very exciting to purchase a new baby tortoise, or any reptile for that matter. After the initial thrill of getting your new baby home, are you prepared to proper care for him or her? Have you done the proper research and invested the educational time needed be the best tortoise Mom or Dad? The time to research proper tortoise care is well before your baby tortoises for sale arrive home.

tortoises for sale
All too often people do not take the time to learn proper care and setup when they should. It’s not a good idea to try to modify the habitat or setup after tortoise is already not doing well. Do proper research before your new baby tortoise arrives! By doing this, you can set yourself up for the best chance of success! All of our baby tortoise for sale here at our farm are cared for in the same way.

baby tortoise for sale near me
High humidity, low air flow, ambient temps from 84-90 during day. In the evenings, no colder than 82 at night for the first year. With proper care and habitat, your new juvenile, adult or baby from our farm will be off to the races!

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